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A Series of Unrelated Ficlets
Author: Pip
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: Varied PG-13 through NC-17
Warning: Some contain naughty words, some contain boysecks, some contain schmoop, one contains dom!Billy and sub!Dom.
Disclaimer: Don't know 'em, never met 'em, this is all lies. (*sigh*)
Feedback: Would be treasured beyond pearls.

A/N: I was bored Friday night and requested people's favourite words, and I wrote bitty little fics. Here is a collection of all ten written so far, lj-cut by the word requested and underneath the cut is who it was written for. The fics are all completely unrelated. This was hard, but fun.

First posted Nov, 2004

Luminescent for [ profile] bibliotech.

Dom ran his fingertips over the smooth skin of Billy's back. It always amazed Dom that he could--as long as he kept it light, kept it gentle--could touch Billy to his heart's content while Bill slept. He was so, so tired, poor man, and his fatigue left him virtually dead to the world.

Dom traced the corner of Billy's shoulder blade where it angled out because he'd fallen asleep laying awkwardly on his arm again. He reached across, gingerly circled Billy's forearm with his fingers, and slowly, cautiously pulled it out from under him until it was simply lying beside him, and wouldn't cramp or go numb.

Before laying down again, Dom dropped a soft kiss on Billy's lower back, the skin luminescent in the light of the full moon that shone in the window. The curtains had been pulled when they came to bed, but as soon as Billy was out cold, Dom had gotten up to open them, precisely so he could see that ethereal, otherworldly light upon the sleek body laying next to him.

Dom laid his head on his pillow, and fell asleep with his thoughts fixed upon the crisp lines of a moonlit Billy.

And its companion...

Dom woke slowly, feeling an odd patch of heat on his chest. What was that? Surely he was too young for a heart attack. Besides, that was supposed to be numbness, not heat, wasn't it?

He cracked open his eyes and looked down. Not a heart attack, then. Morning sun, bright and strong and warm and turning his skin golden. But he was tired, and the dark sounded so much nicer, for just a little longer. He carefully eased away from Billy, then staggered out of bed and over to the window to draw the heavy curtains again.

Twilight descended on the bedroom, and Dom's scratchy eyes breathed a sigh of relief, so to speak. He nearly smiled at his early-morning flight of fancy, and crawled back into bed, rolling over to kiss Billy's dusky shoulder and close his eyes. Sleep returned with a plummeting sigh.

Vex for [ profile] hanncoll.

"What's wrong, Bill?" Dom asked, forehead wrinkled.

"Don't ask."

"I am asking. What's wrong?"

"I am very vexed with you right now," Billy forced out between clenched teeth.

"I'm sorry. Why?"

"There is mustard on the cheese."

Dom stared at him. "Are you kidding?"

"No, Dom, I am far from kidding. There is mustard on the cheese, there is peanut butter in the margerine, and there are toast crumbs in the bed. I am vexed, and unless you can promise me none of these things will ever, ever happen again, I suggest you go and order takeaway and never make anything in our kitchen again--at least until I am no longer quite so vexed."

"What if I--"


Dom sat on Billy's lap and licked his neck right below his ear. "What if I accidentally got a bit of jam there? You'd let me clean it off, wouldn't you?"

Billy stilled. "Perhaps."

"And what if I, say, spilled a tiny bit of syrup on the inside of your elbow? Would you let me clean that up?" Dom lifted Billy's arm to his mouth to demonstrate.

"I suppose." His jaw unclenched, and he licked his lips.

"And what if--by accident, you understand--I were to drip a bit of milk into your filtrum?" Dom sucked on Billy's upper lip, nibbling gently.

When his mouth was freed, Billy huskily said, "I'd expect you to deal with your mess."

"I'll deal with them all, I promise," Dom said fondly. "Just tell me you're not vexed with me anymore?"

"...No. I'm not vexed." Billy finally smiled, then slyly added, "I think I'm getting hungry, though."

Percolate for [ profile] stumphed.

Dom walked into Billy's kitchen and stopped short. "Billy? What are you doing?"

Billy looked up from where he sat at the kitchen table, chin on his folded arms, staring at the coffee. "I'm watching."

"Watching what? The coffee perk?"

"What does that mean? Coffee perk?" he asked curiously, almost dazedly, eyes back on the coffee maker. "Perk. Perk. Sounds funny, don't you think?"

"Billy, I--" Dom stopped, then started again. "Are you all right?"

"Fine. Just fine. Need coffee, though. So I'm watching it perk. Perk. Sounds like a bird--perkperkperkperk."

Dom's forehead creased. "Billy, what the hell is wrong with you?"

"Nothing. Why, is something wrong with you?" Billy asked curiously. "No, really, what does it mean? It's not a word anymore, I've said it too much. Perkperkperkperk. It's nonsense now, what does it mean?"

"You're drunk," Dom said incredulously. "It's four in the afternoon, and you're bloody well pissed as a newt!"

"Yep. 'S why I'm making coffee," he explained happily. "I'm fucking rat-arsed. Lagered up. Twat-faced. Perked." He giggled.

"Why the hell are you drunk, Boyd?" Dom demanded, arms akimbo.

"Nope. Not gonna tell. Not until you tell me what perkperkperkperk means."

Dom took a deep breath, let it out slowly. "Perk is short for percolated. It know. To pass liquid through...something. In this case, through coffee grounds."

Billy snickered. "I'm percolated. Liquid has passed through me, and that's a fact."

"I can see that. Why?"

"Because I am an idiot and I bet Bean he couldn't kiss Viggo and then he kissed him and I've been buying drinks all afternoon and Bean's every bit as buckled as I am. That's all," he finished cheerfully.

"A bet," Dom repeated in disbelief. "You got completely fucking hammered at four in the afternoon after losing a bet? And wait just a minute--what do you mean Bean kissed Viggo??"

Not listening, Billy giggled, "Perkperkperk."

Ennui for [ profile] tweeasfuck.

Dom lay facedown on the bed, toes hanging off the edge.

With a sigh, Billy sat beside him. "Any particular reason you're sprawled across the entire bed?"


"Head up, Dom, there's a good lad."

Dom turned his head to the side so he could be heard. "Because this is the way I fell."

"And why did you fall?"

"Because I was overcome," he said with a touch of melodrama.

Billy fought to hide his smile. "Oh dear. Overcome with what? Noxious fumes?"

Without looking, Dom flailed out to smack Billy in the chest, but quickly let his arm flop back onto the bed. "No. I was overcome with...what's that word? Not disinterest, but close. Not boredom, but close. What's the word..."

"Narcolepsy?" Billy asked innocently. "Epilepsy? Catalepsy? Necrophilia?"

Dom lifted his head and turned to look at him, his forehead puckered. "Necrophilia?"

"Just checking if you were listening to me."

Dom's head dropped back into the pillows. "Wnnnr."

"Beg pardon?"

He turned his head again. "Wanker."

"All right, all right," Billy said soothingly, smiling. "You were overcome by a feeling of...something."

"Oh, I almost had it, when you said that. Starts with an 'e'."

Billy suddenly nodded. "Now I see. You are overcome with ennui."

"That's it," Dom said, relieved. "That's the word I was looking for. Ennui. I am filled with ennui, Bills."

Billy considered him for a moment, then got to his feet, out of Dom's line of sight. He unzipped his trousers.

"Bill? What are you doing?"

"It seems to me--" his words were muffled for a moment, as if he was pulling something off over his head, "--that I cannot leave you overcome with ennui."

A moment later Dom gasped as a heavy, warm body covered his, a tell-tale hardness just below waist level doing much to diminish his discontent. "Oh?" he asked, and had to clear his throat. "And just what are you going to do about it?"

Billy bit Dom's shoulder and growled, "Leave you overcome with something else entirely."

Quixotic for [ profile] macadamanaity.

Dom opened the door to the flat, removed his keys from the lock, shut the door behind him, and by the time he'd removed his coat his mouth was already watering.

"Bill? Is that dinner? Smells fantastic," he called.

Billy sauntered out into the living room just as Dom walked in from the hall. "Hullo, love."

Dom stared at him, butterflies of surprise and pleasure flitting about in his stomach. "Well. Look at you."

Billy looked down, casually straightening his cuffs with a tug on each. "What, this old thing?"

"Old thing? I thought you just bought that kilt and jacket last week?" Dom asked, trying and failing to keep a silly grin off his face. "I'm feeling distinctly underdressed."

Billy shrugged calmly. "I was thinking you were looking a little overdressed, but then again, I wouldn't want the sauce to drip and burn you." He turned and walked back into the kitchen, and his words lingered behind him. "Why don't you go dress for dinner? I'll dish it up."

Dom felt his face grow warm in anticipation. He had no idea why Billy would want him to dress for dinner, but that kilt looked promising. He bypassed the closed kitchen door and hurried to the bedroom, only to find Billy had been busy in there, too.

His best suit was laid out carefully, neatly on the bed, and beside it lay a small stack comprised of fresh pants, socks, his belt and some mild cologne. And then Dom noticed the room itself. Fresh bedding, smoothed and turned back, plumped pillows with honest-to-God wrapped chocolates on them, and a suspicious number of candles seemingly casually placed about. No mess, no usual clutter, and the room looked much larger for the lack of it.

Dom quickly dressed, tidied his hair, and detoured to the bathroom to brush his teeth before landing outside the kitchen door, a hungry expectancy making him quiver. He knocked on the door.

Billy's amused voice called out, "It's your kitchen too, numptie."

Dom chuckled and opened the door.

And gasped.

The normally prosaic, practical room had been transformed. Every surface gleamed, the living room lamps brought in to replace the harsh overhead light casting a warm glow over the table with its linens and glassware and silverware glittering up at him. He recognized some of it, knew Billy had probably scrounged and borrowed bits and pieces from virtually everyone they knew, and suddenly the little smiles he'd received from their friends all week made sense.

The flowers on nearly every flat surface also added to the illusion of being in a place outside their own, as did the soft music coming from somewhere he couldn't spot. Billy wordlessly gestured him to take a seat as he picked up the bottle of champagne and carefully uncorked it with a sharp pop.

Dazed, Dom sat at the table, watched as Billy's slim careful fingers poured him a glass, then filled his own. He watched, spellbound, as Billy opened the oven and with a cloth over his hand removed first Dom's plate, setting it in front of him, and then his own. He left the cloth on the counter, and then took his own seat, adjusting his kilt as he did so.

Dom looked down at the mahi mahi with butter and lemon, the baby rosemary potatoes, the asparagus in cream sauce. "Billy--" he whispered.

Billy picked up his champagne glass and raised it, waiting for Dom to do the same, before softly, romantically saying, "Here's to a bit of a nosh at the kitchen table, yeah?"

Dom laughed delightedly as he clinked his glass against Billy's, then took a sip. "Mmm. The good stuff. What is all this for, Bills? Are we celebrating something?"

Billy cocked his head to the side. "No. Why?"

"Why? The kilt, the suit, the meal, the flowers, the champagne--this must be for something special."

"It's for Saturday night," Billy said, as if that explained everything. "Eat up before it gets cold, now."

Dom ate.

Dessert proved to be coffee and tiramisu and Dom was in absolute heaven. "Bills, I don't know what to say. That was absolutely fantastic. Thank you."

"Why, you're welcome, Dom. It was no trouble. Are you finished with your pudding?"

He leaned back from the table, smiling. "I am. I'm full and content and replete and wondering."

Billy smiled as he got up from the table and began to clear it, setting the dishes in the sink. "Wondering?"

"Wondering what I did to deserve this. And full of wonder at you."

Billy turned away, his smile growing. "Shall we go out to the living room for a bit?"

"Whatever you say, love."

"Could you bring the tray with you?" he indicated the serving tray that held their coffee mugs, which he'd refilled, the cream and sugar, and a small dish of violet chocolates. He walked out without waiting.

Pleased--downright captivated--Dom complied. He carefully picked up the tray and followed to the living room.

Billy had already turned on some quiet jazz and was lighting candles. He simply said, "Set it on the coffee table. And then come here."

Dom did as directed, and after leaving the tray he walked over to stand behind Billy near the fireplace. "Yes, love?"

Billy used the long match he'd been lighting candles with to set ablaze the fire already laid in the hearth. Straightening, he turned and took Dom's hand in his, pulled him close, and they began to slowly dance.

"Billy?" Dom asked softly after a few moments. He had his arm around Billy's waist, his lips near Billy's ear. "I love every single thing you've done for me tonight. But you've been so quiet, it's not like you. What's with the quixotic little world you've given me here?"

Billy turned his head slightly to place a soft kiss on the corner of Dom's jaw. "Words can be overrated, love," he whispered. "And misunderstood. Not one word I've said tonight has been the least bit romantic, and yet I don't think you have any doubts how I feel about you, do you?"

"No. Not a one." Dom pulled back slightly to capture Billy's mouth with his own, and he sighed at the feel and taste of coffeechocolatecream that was both Billy and dessert. A moment later he let go of Billy's hand to wrap both arms tightly around him and whisper against his neck, "Can you teach me to be quixotic like this?"

"Oh, absolutely," Billy smiled, and his eyes closed.

Fury for [ profile] laerwen.

"Dom? What's wrong?" Billy crouched beside him, worried.

Staring at the floor between his legs, Dom shook his head wordlessly.

"Come on, mate, let's get you up onto the sofa, yeah? I don't know why you're sitting in the corner here, but let's have a seat on the sofa together, shall we?" Billy said softly. He wrapped his hands gently but firmly around Dom's biceps to help him up.

But Dom threw him off with a violent, sharp jerk of his arms, and he pressed himself back into the corner.

"Hey, come on, Dom, it's just me," Billy said quietly, calmly. "None of that, now. Won't you come with me?"

Dom shook his head abruptly.

"All right. Would you mind if I sat with you? Tell me what you want, Dom. Tell me."

"Want you to go away," he ground out.

"Well now, I'm afraid I can't do that," Billy said gently. "I can't go away and leave you like this. I'm worried about you, Dom."

"Fuck you, Boyd." Dom's voice was harsh.

"You don't believe me? Why can't you believe I'm worried about you?"

"Because you never fucking listen to me!" he shouted, then pulled his knees in and covered his face with his arms.

"I do listen to you, Dom." Billy spoke evenly, not budging an inch. "But say it again. Whatever this is, tell me now, and I promise I'll hear you. What is it?"

"A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury," he muttered. "And signifying nothing."

"Oh, I doubt that. You're not an idiot, and every word you utter has significance to me, Dom." Billy risked running a hand down the outside of Dom's leg. He would have petted his arm, but was afraid it would be received like a blow, with his arms still covering his head. "Why fury?"

Suddenly Dom was surging forward, up, carrying Billy before him like a leaf before the tide, fingers clamped around Billy's arms so tightly it hurt, driving him across the entire length of the room. His mouth attacked Billy's, grinding so hard Billy was afraid he would soon taste blood, and when Dom rammed him up against the wall, still kissing him far too unyieldingly to be enjoyable, Billy's tooth cut through his lip and he did taste blood. He held still underneath Dom's punishing mouth, waiting for this savagery to abate.

It dulled abruptly, and Dom pulled away from him with an agonized shudder. He turned to bolt, but Billy's hands flashed out and grabbed him, using his own momentum to swing him around and pin him against the wall. Dom's eyes clenched shut, waiting to be struck.

"Dom," Billy said quietly, then paused to lick the blood from his lip. "Is that what I haven't been listening to?"

He moaned, and without opening his eyes, tried to get away.

"No, you don't." Billy held him in place. "Answer me."

His head dropped forward, and a single sob wracked his body.

"Answer me, Dominic." Billy let his voice sharpen just for a moment, then gentled it again. "Is that what you think I haven't been hearing?"

"What I think?" He cried, tortured. "How could I think anything else? You hug me, you tease me, you touch me everywhere, you get me so worked up I can't remember my own fucking name and then you walk away, and you don't ever hear me calling you back!"

"You stupid, selfish little bastard," Billy hissed. "When the fuck did you ever call me back? When the fuck did you ever give me any indication that what I was doing was welcome?"

Dom's eyes snapped open in shock.

"You accuse me of not listening," Billy said with his own fiery cold version of fury, "But when did you ever say anything loud enough to be heard?"

They stared at each other wordlessly.

Erstwhile for [ profile] elvinborn.

Billy pulled the zipper on the sleeping bags a little higher. "This was genius. Sheer fucking genius, my friend."

"I know. The scope of my magnificence is often underrated," Dom said comfortably. "Pass the thermos."

Billy passed the flask of hot sweet tea over. "How many do we have left?"

Dom checked in the rucksack beside him. "Four."

"That ought to do." Billy leaned against Dom as he drank deeply of the tea. "What time is it?"

Dom wiped his lips, checked the luminescent face of his watch. "Oddly enough, four. A few hours to go." He laid the thermos aside and twisted sideways to wrap both warmly-jumpered arms around Billy, then leaned his head on his shoulder.

"Unbelievable how many stars there are," Billy mused, looking up. "It's so...I'm going to miss seeing them. I'm lucky if I see ten stars, in Glasgow."

"Same in Manchester."

"Have you ever thought of staying?" Billy asked quietly. "Even just for a little while? Just to...I don't know. Live here. Have a normal everyday existence here instead of this surreal circus we've been surrounded by?"

"No." Dom said equally quietly, but firmly. "This circus is life here to me. I don't want to change that, I want to remember it like this, I want to keep my memories as clear as those stars up there. If I lived here once everything else had moved on--it would muddy it all up too much. Know what I mean?"

Billy put an arm around him and laid back, taking Dom with him. They burrowed further into the sleeping bags and blankets, twining together for warmth and comfort. "I suppose," he said finally. "I guess I'm just tired of having to start a brand-new life yet again. I've been doing it since I was a kid, and it's wearying, Dom."

"I know, Bills," he murmured, kissing Billy's temple. "But it's not a brand-new life, not quite. You'll be taking large pieces of this life with you, to build on. Like me."

"Like you," Billy smiled. "That sounds good. A month in Manchester, then you'll join me, right?"


"You sure you're willing to move to Glasgow with me?"

"I'm sure," he chuckled.

"So my erstwhile castmate will be my roommate."

Dom grinned. "Your erstwhile castmate will be your bedmate." He propped himself up to see Billy's eyes glitter in the distant, barely-there light of the coming dawn, and leaned in to kiss him deeply, confirmingly, tongue sweeping all doubts away and replacing them with slickwetheat and soft moans.

Within moments blankets rippled and heaved as frantic fingers fumbled at buttons and zippers and pants were kicked down to the bottom of the sleeping bags and moist heat filled the enclosed air as they gasped and kissed and thrust against each other with sharp needing wanting words until a throaty laugh and a loud cry split the night.

"Beautiful, innit?" Dom asked softly, his fingers playing with Billy's hair as he watched the sunrise. "How lucky are we that our last sunrise here is so effing perfect?"

"Lucky," Billy whispered, eyes never leaving Dom.

Debauchery for [ profile] canciona.

Dom slammed him against the wall. "Depravity."

Billy groaned, leaned his head back to expose his white throat. "Wantonness."

Dom dragged his long rough tongue up the length of that throat, ending with a bite on Billy's jaw. "Lechery."

Billy gave a breathy chuckle. "Sauciness." He lifted one leg to wrap it around Dom, pulling their hips together.

Dom gasped. "L-lust." He drove his erection against Billy's, the denim doing little to soften the lunge.

"Oh God--carnality." Billy grabbed a fistful of Dom's hair and yanked him closer, thrusting his tongue into Dom's mouth as his other hand attempted to work its way between them to attack the button of Dom's jeans.

"Perversity," he growled, ramming himself up into Billy's hand, shuddering when that hand gripped him through his trousers.

"Give it up, Monaghan," Billy panted, squeezing Dom almost--but not quite--to the point of pain. "Licentiousness."

"Obscenity," Dom spit back at him, letting go of Billy to claw at the waistband of his jeans, of Billy's jeans, desperate for the feel of skin on skin. "Not giving anything up. I can do this all night."

"That's what I'm counting on--orgy." He lowered his leg back down, managed to finally undo Dom's jeans, and spun him around so it was his back against the wall. Billy dropped to his knees, dragging Dom's trousers down with him.

"Jesus, Billy--" he forced out. "Promiscuity." He writhed under Billy's fingers digging into his bare hips.

Billy tongued the head of Dom's cock, savouring the salty fluid. "Saturnalia, Dominic. Fucking Saturnalia."

Dom shuddered. "Oh God, say that again."

He roughly said, "Fucking Saturnalia, Dominic," before swallowing him whole.

Dom bucked, trying to drive his cock against the back of Billy's throat, but sharp fingers pinned him to the wall. "Fornication," he groaned.

Billy sucked hard, twice, then let Dom slide out, weighty on his tongue. "Sexuality."

"Your voice is sexuality," Dom growled. "I could come just listening to you say it. Gratification."

"And we like gratification, don't we, Dom?" Billy teased his red-hard erection with the very tip of his tongue. "Indulgence."

"Please, Billy," Dom moaned, head back against the wall, fingers buried in Billy's hair. "Lewdness."

"Balling," he murmured, right before ducking his head to swirl Dom's heavy balls with his wet tongue.

Dom's knees trembled, nearly sagged. "Billy. God, Billy. Wickedness, you bastard."

Billy laughed lowly, dragged his tongue once more around Dom's balls and then back up the length of his cock. "Abandon," he said, and it sounded like an instruction. He engulfed Dom with his mouth again, sucking hard, working him quickly.


Billy moaned around Dom's cock, reaching down with one hand to push down his jeans, shove down his pants, and begin pumping himself rapidly. He let Dom slide out of his mouth again to dig the tip of his tongue into the slit, around the head, down to the root and back, before growling, "Concupiscence. Going to fucking make you come, Dom, and I'm going to jerk myself off to the sounds you make." He sucked Dom's cock back into his hot tight mouth.

"OhGODfuckingpornographyBillyyourvoiceisthesweetestfuckingpornography--" Dom's words gave way to incoherent noises as Billy brought him to the brink of orgasm. He forced himself to open his eyes, to look down, and the sight of Billy's perfect lips surrounding his cock, Billy's hand ferociously pumping himself, his hips bucking and jerking as he did so, sent Dom hurtling over the edge with a sharp keening cry.

Billy swallowed fast, swallowed hard, throat closing around Dom's cock as he came, drawing further cries and shudders from him that quickly had Billy moaning around him, trembling as a hard fever sparkflashed through his entire body and he was coming with heat and a shriek and wild uncontrollable speed, like a runaway freight train, and it left him breathless and boneless on the floor when it was gone.

Dom sank down beside him, heedless of the come on the floor, on his leg, on Billy's hand. He leaned in for a soul-deep kiss, then pulled back to briefly bite at Billy's lip and say, "Sensuality."

Billy leaned against him, breath still coming in short sharp gasps as he said, "Seduction."

Dom chuckled hotly against his skin. "Salaciousness."

Billy paused, and then a wicked grin lifted his flushed cheeks. "Debauchery."

"Mmm, yes," Dom agreed with a sleek smile and a firm hand on Billy's naked arse. "Debauchery."

Ecstatic for [ profile] aire_blair.




Dom let Billy's softening cock slide out of his mouth and crawled up to lay beside him. "How was that, Bills? Good?"

Billy flopped onto his side to face Dom. Eyes barely open, he beatifically hummed, "Mmm-hmm," again. He reached out to uncoordinatedly pet Dom's cheek, and ended up patting his nose.

Dom chuckled and kissed Billy's palm. "You certainly look content, anyway."

"Beyond content," he murmured. "Downright blissful. Couldn't be better."

"Oh, you shouldn't say things like that," Dom grinned. "You know I can't resist a challenge."

"No. No more. Can't get it up again. Twice is enough."

Dom buried his face in Billy's neck and laughed. He kissed the soft skin just below his earlobe. "A good orgasm isn't the only method of feeling that way, you know."

"I know. Sleep. Feels good," he mumbled.

"Just simple touching can do it, too."

"You do have magic fingers." One eye cracked open.

"I know I do. Shall we see how far beyond blissful we can get you?" Dom gently pushed Billy onto his back, reached over the edge of the bed for his pants, and donned them. He straddled Billy's waist and began massaging his forehead, his temples, with delicate fingertips. "Does that feel nice?"

"Mmm. Yeah. A good facial massage is always underrated."

Dom moved down to Billy's neck, then the fronts of his shoulders, and then his chest. "Think you're ticklish right now?"

"Mngh," Billy grunted. "No. Too relaxed."

"Good." Dom let his fingers dig into Billy's sides, kneading the muscles that laced between his ribs, before shifting down and rubbing his hips and then his thighs with wide, firm strokes.

"God, Dom. You're so good at this," he whispered. "You could ask me anything right now, and I wouldn't be able to resist you."

Dom smiled. "You're enthralled? I'd say that's a step up on blissful, wouldn't you?"

"Most definitely," Billy murmured fervently, sighing as Dom's fingers worked down the sides of his knees. When Dom reached his feet and picked one up to begin rubbing it like an expert, Billy moaned loudly.

"Oh, that sounded heartfelt," Dom teased, lightly running a fingertip over the tattoo on his ankle before setting that foot down and picking up the other one.

"Bloody hell. Forget blissful--try enraptured," Billy groaned. "Dom. You're so good. So good to me."

"Shh. Don't get all worked up--the point here is to keep you soothed." Dom gently laid his foot back on the bed. "Roll over."

Billy needed a bit of help to get all the way over, and then he nuzzled his face into his pillow. "Doing my back too? I love you, Dom. I love you so fucking much."

Dom chuckled. "I love you, too, Bills. Lay your arms down at your sides." When Billy did, Dom proceeded to massage his way down first one, then the other, ending with hard, digging strokes across his upturned palms.

"Jesus. Hands. Feels unbelievable. Delirious," Billy muttered into the pillow.

"Ahh, graduated to delirious, have we? Marvellous," Dom said softly, leaning down to drop several feathery kisses on the lightly freckled skin of his shoulders. "What's beyond delirious, do you think?"

"Dunno," he murmured hazily. "Overjoyed, maybe? Or...or... transported."

"Mmm. I like transported. Let me see if I can transport you, yeah?" Dom stretched and flexed his fingers before setting to work on Billy's neck and shoulders. "If I press too hard, let me know. Or if you want it harder."

Billy's chuckle rumbled in his chest. "I always want it harder, Dom, you should know that by now."

Dom grinned. "Cheeky monkey. You're not cold, are you?" he asked, suddenly noticing small goosebumps on Billy's arms.

"No. There's a spot. On my neck. Gives me goosebumps when you rub it."

"Really?" Dom was delighted. "That's fantastic. I'll have to remember that." His fingers found a knot in Billy's right shoulder. "You've been playing your guitar for too long again."

"Lost track of time," he mumbled. "God, that feels good..."

When the knot finally dissolved under his ministrations, Dom moved on to the middle of Billy's back, his fingers and knuckles kneading into the muscles on either side of his spine.

"Ow...right there. No, left. Up. God, yessss. Thundering Jesus, Dom. I may never walk again," he moaned.

"I'll care for you, my incapacitated love," Dom smiled.

"Rapturous. Bloody well rapturous."

"Good. Just a little more, and then I'll let you drift off to sleep."

"Don't let go."

"I won't," Dom promised, touched. He moved his hands down to Billy's lower back, thumbs beginning at the dimples and kneading their way upwards and outwards.

"Ngghh." Billy sucked in a breath, and it sounded wet.

Dom choked back a snort. "Are you drooling?"

"Mnngh. Can't control my bodily functions anymore," he breathed with a smile.

"Just don't piss on my bed," Dom teased.

"Not to worry. I'm more likely to come on it."

"I thought you said you couldn't get it up again?"

"Well...maybe I can a little," he grinned into his pillow.

Dom gripped his arse and firmly kneaded and squeezed and prodded its softness with his long fingers.

"Oh, bloody hell," Billy moaned. "Who knew my arse could be so tense?"

"Very tense indeed. I think I may have to give it some extra-special attention."

"Dom. Dom. Fucking stop, Dom."

Dom froze. "Why? What's wrong? What did I do?"

"Nothing--it feels so good, so amazingly good--I'm fucking ecstatic, Dom, and I need to roll over and kiss you right now before I lose consciousness, possibly forever." He began to weakly struggle against Dom's weight.

"Ecstatic? That's the best one yet," he smiled, climbing off of Billy to lay down beside him.

Billy rolled over, rolled on top of Dom, practically steamrolled him. His lips blindly searched for and found his, and he passionately, wearily, gratefully kissed him hard and deep, before laying his head in the hollow of Dom's shoulder and mumbling, "Love you. Thank you, Dom. Never been so warm and snug and relaxed and ecstatic in my entire life. Love you." His voice began to slur. "Love you."

Dom smiled, satisfied. He put his arms around Billy and held him close. "Love you too, my Bills."

Obsequious (NC-17) for [ profile] suede_scripture.

"Jesus, Billy, no--I can't--"

"You can, and you will." Billy picked up a chair, set it in front of Dom, a few feet away. "And I'm not untying you until you do."

Dom squirmed, futilely testing his bonds again, but they gave no more than they had before. His right arm was firmly tethered to the closet door, his left to the bedroom door, and he was stretched taut in between. "But--I've never--"

"Which is why I'm here to help, Dominic." Billy's grin was feral as he padded towards him. He stopped one pace away, and softly said, "You're going to come without touching yourself. I will help you, if you need it, but when you do come, it will be without my hand on you either."

Dom's eyes brightened.

Billy saw, and shook his head. "Forgive me for not being more clear. When you finally come, I will be sitting in that chair. No part of me will be touching you."

Dom slumped as much as his bonds would allow, and worriedly asked, "But I don't know if I can, what if I can't? What--what will you do to me--"

"No need to even think of that, Dominic," Billy said smoothly. "Unless it helps, of course. You will not disappoint me. You will come, your back against the wall, my name on your lips, and not a single finger on your cock as you come to orgasm while I watch." He leaned in, then, and kissed Dom hard, driving his tongue into Dom's mouth and possessing him with a growl. When Dom moaned, Billy stepped forward the last few inches to press the entire length of his body up against Dom's, pinning him to the wall. He could feel the heat of Dom's erection through his cotton trousers, felt his own cock twitch, felt the shudder go through Dom as his cock jumped again to brush Dom's through the fabric. He thrust his hips sharply against Dom's, hard enough that it was likely to leave a bruise on both of them, before semi-reluctantly pulling away.

Dom whimpered. "Billy, please--"

"Now, now, my dearest Dom," he said mildly, reaching down to adjust himself inside his trousers before taking a seat on the chair. "Surely you're at least going to try? You don't want me to get angry with you, do you?" He saw Dom's erection leap at the suggestion, and cocked an eyebrow. "Ah, I see. That's the mood we're in today, are we?"

Dom quickly said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry--"

"And so you should be, we could have had some fun with that. Ah well, we're here now, and I'm quite curious to see how this goes." Billy sat back, resting one ankle on top of the opposite knee. "So tell me, Dom. What could you have done to make me angry?"

Dom licked his lips and flexed his arms against his bonds. "I--I could have..."

"Go on," Billy encouraged.

"I could have used all the hot water this morning, so you wouldn't be able to have a shower." He looked disappointed in himself as he said it.

Billy chuckled. "Weak, my lad, very weak indeed. Surely that wouldn't rate more than mild annoyance?"

Dom couldn't help but laugh himself. "No, probably not."

Billy decided it was time to push things along, just a little. "You think that's funny, do you?" he snapped, his voice driving Dom's head back against the wall like a whip cracked in his face. "You dare to laugh?"

"No--no!" Dom gasped. "I'm sorry, Billy, I'm sorry." His erection bobbed, and flushed an even darker red.

"Then tell me what you could have done to make me angry enough to punish you, Dominic," he demanded.

"I could have--could've refused to let you tie me up," he said breathlessly. "I could have refused to let you play with me." His eyes darkened in anticipation.

"Yes," Billy breathed, pleased. "That certainly would have done the trick. And do you want to guess what punishment I would have meted out, or shall I tell you?"

"Tell me," he said obsequiously, more submissive than Billy had seen him in some time. "Please tell me. Want to hear you say it, please Billy."

"You are in rare form today, aren't you Dom?" he murmured, feeling his groin tighten. "Very well. If you had refused to let me play with you, I would have gotten quite angry indeed. My eyes would have narrowed--" he demonstrated, glaring at Dom.

Dom's fists clenched.

"And the little vein in my temple would have started to throb."

"God. I love that vein," Dom moaned.

"Shut your mouth," Billy snarled. "This time you will not talk while I am speaking."

Dom whimpered, and pulled on the bonds on his wrists.

"Once you saw how angry I was, you would have cowered, and you would have tried to back away, but my hand would have flashed out and grabbed you, my fingers twisting in your shirt." Billy decided to change tense to the immediate. The more clearly Dom could see everything in that imaginative little mind of his, the more aroused he would get. "I haul you in close, my breath hot on your face."

Dom's eyes closed, and his head lolled back against the wall.
His thighs began to tremble.

"I growl at you. What the fuck do you think you're doing, Dominic?"

"I'm sorry," he whispered, unaware he'd said it out loud.

For some reason, that hit Billy hard. He ignored the surge of heat between his legs and took a moment to breathe deeply and make sure his voice would be even. "You whisper you're sorry, but that's not good enough. I push you up against the wall, and your head knocks against it hard."

Dom flattened himself against the wall, and his cock jumped.

Billy lowered his voice, let it get rough. "Think you can refuse me and then just turn your back on me, do you, Dominic?"

"No. No, I'm sorry, no, I didn't mean it!" he cried.

"Oh, you meant it all right," Billy said darkly, putting fury in his tone. "You meant it, and you'll pay for that." He watched as Dom wordlessly writhed against the wall, arms straining at his tethers.

Billy surged to his feet and crossed to Dom, stopping just far enough away that no matter how Dom stretched, he'd be unable to reach. "Should I strap you, do you think, Dominic?"

Dom's eyes flew open, shock and desire warring across his face when he realized how near Billy was. "Billy--please--" he moaned, his back arching out from the wall. "Tell me what to do, please, I don't know if I can--"

"You can, Dominic, trust me." Billy reached out and wrapped his strong slim fingers around Dom's cock, pulling and twisting. "You're fucking dripping for it, aren't you?"

Dom let out a bellow of pure unadulterated need. "Fuck, Billy, please, fuck me fuck me untie me please and fuck me Billy please--" He drove himself into Billy's hand.

Billy gave him one last squeeze, then dragged a gentle fingernail up his length before abandoning him to return to the chair.

"Billy, please," Dom whimpered, sagging down the wall as much as his ties would allow.

Billy undid the buckle on his belt. "Dominic. Look at me."

Dom lifted arousal-heavy eyes to meet Billy's, gasped at the naked lust he saw there, and then he saw Billy's fingers pulling his belt out of its loops. "Billy Billy Billy Billy, please, touch me, hit me, strap me, do whatever you want to me, just touch me Billy," he whined, straining and panting and if it hadn't been for the restraints on his wrists he would have collapsed to the floor.

Billy breathed deeply. If he'd had any idea Dom was going to be this erotic today, he probably wouldn't have chosen an activity designed to draw it out so much. He freed his belt and laid it across his knees as Dom continued to beg.

"Please Billy please touch me I'm so hard I want you so much, I want your cock inside me, driving me up against the wall, please fuck me, Billy, and--OH--" He was rendered incoherent by the sight of Billy slowly lowering the zip on his trousers and freeing his own hard erection.

"You want me to fuck you, Dominic? Or would you like to fuck me?"

Dom keened.

"Do you want to lube me up and ram your cock into me so hard I can't breathe, Dominic? Do you want to hammer into me, force your thick cock into me over and over until your heart stutters and your eyes roll back in your head and I scream your name, Dominic?" Billy stroked himself firm and fast.

Dom cried out, his body convulsing once, violently.

Billy suddenly lunged forward, dropping to his knees to engulf Dom completely with his hot wet mouth, sucking tonguing fluttering scraping. He pulled back to say, "Feel how hot and tight I am around your cock, Dom? Feel my muscles contract around you?" He took him back into his mouth and tightened his lips and sucked hard, his hand clamped around the base of Dom's cock to cut off his release. Billy continued to tease him, drawing all the blood into the very head of Dom's cock until he could feel him perilously near the edge. He suddenly let Dom slide from his tongue, and returned to his chair to resume pumping his own erection firmly, with speed and haste and want.

Dom shuddered and sobbed.

Billy picked his belt up off the floor, gripping it by the buckle as he continued to thrust into his own hand. "Drive yourself into me, Dominic, so deep and so hard your cock slides across that spot, that spot that only you know about," he growled. "Fuck me until you come shouting my name." He flicked out with the belt, not even enough to slap, let alone sting, but just enough for Dom to feel the leather slide across his skin.

"Oh God, Billy Jesus fucking Christ oh my God oh God oh God," Dom shouted, cried, howled, sobbed, thrashing and bucking and jerking as if the very air could give him the exquisite friction he so craved.

"Look at me, Dom, look at what you've done to me," Billy roughly ordered.

Dom barely had enough control left to open his eyes, but he managed, and saw Billy slouched back in the chair, eyes dark, cheeks flushed, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he thrust up into his hand, panting and moaning.

"See what you've done to me, Dominic? I'm about to fucking come all over my hand, and you did this."

Dom shouted out at the top of his lungs, the sound tearing from him and shredding his throat with its primitive animal cry, and he came hard, his cock jerking spasmodically as his orgasm shook him to the very bone. He shuddered and shook and convulsed and his vision sparked whitehot to black and his come shot in front of him, nearly reaching Billy's feet.

Billy thrust one last time into his hand and came with a yelp, surprised by the strength of the spasms that bucked his hips up and held him rigid in his chair, his head thrown back, and it was a long toppling moment before he could almost painfully straighten up, wiping his hand on his trousers.

"Dom," he murmured, and then saw how Dom's knees had buckled, how he nearly hung from his arms, one foot finding the floor again even as he watched. Billy hurried to him, quickly untied the bonds from the doorknobs, caught Dom as he began to slide to the ground. "My dearest, dearest Dominic," he crooned. "There, there, love. I've got you. Shh, your Billy has you safe and sound."

Dom whimpered.

"My poor lamb. Come on, love, let me tuck you into bed." Billy tenderly picked him up and carried him over to the bed, laid him down. He grabbed Dom's discarded shorts and quickly, gently cleaned him up before pulling the covers up over him. He leaned in and kissed Dom's forehead.

"Stay," Dom whispered.

"All right." Billy climbed onto the bed and stretched out beside him, pulling him close. "Are you hurt, love?"

"No," he murmured, letting his eyes drift closed. "Tired. Billy?"

"Yes, Dom?"

"Can we do that again sometime?" A ghost of a smile drifted over his lips.

"Whatever you want, Dom. Whatever you want, you just tell me and it's yours."

"Want you."

"I'm yours," Billy said fervently. "I'm fully and completely yours, love."


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